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Artemis Movement presents

The Warrior Within

The Art of Skilful Movement Part 1

With Christy Punnett in Aarhus, Denmark

June 15th -18th 2023

"Moving habitually is not the same as moving wisely" 

Get to know your body through body reading 

Observe patterns of breath & learn to re-breathe

Discover a new concept of Core through movement & sustained activity

Remodel your connective tissue using Artemis Technology

Discover the latest fascial research in your body

Create your own Movement Map

Be in community to Play & Cultivate Connection


Artemis Technology increases the power of skilled movement in your daily life.

About Christy Punnett


Christy Punnett is the founder of Artemis Movement - a movement technology that makes what is good better. The work focuses on personal growth through meaningful movement and story telling, providing strength and agility whilst also transforming physical and emotional patterns. This enhances flexibility of the whole, and encourages each individual to seek wisdom and personal evolution through practice and community.


Christy has taught movement, meditation and breath practices for over 25 years. She has been certified in both Kripalu and Anusara yoga schools and was involved with the evolution of the Bowspring practice as a teacher and mentor for eight years. In 2021 she founded Artemis Movement, a new methodology that brings a modern approach to the classical model of alignment and biomechanics.


Christy is a trained doula, a mother of four and a student of philosophy and anatomy, studying in the Anatomy Trains school and mentoring with Thomas Myers. She is skilled at observing a student's process and supporting them as they discover their own possibility.


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