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"Play, Stillness, Awe"

A bowspring retreat in Cirali, Turkey. 4th - 11th October 2020

Imagine a bowspring retreat in authentic natural and cultural surroundings. To be in a place where you will intensely feel, smell, hear and see the richness of nature. In addition, you will get close to and experience the warm and loving Turkish culture.


This retreat takes place in Cirali, in Turkey. The location is a remote bay, where you will feel safe and cozy, surrounded by the mountains behind you, and with the sea in front of you. The valley is fertile with all kinds of vegetables, flowers and fruits, and the sea is very clear blue and fresh.

Imagine yourself resting in a friendly and family like atmosphere. You will stay in the cozy bungalow hotel, Hemera. Our host, Ummani, and her crew are super sweet, and Ummani herself will be in the kitchen for us, to make sure that we get the best healthy, local and wholesome food.


Everyday morning and afternoon, we gather and practice. Doing the bowspring practice will make you gain body awareness, increased functionality, mobility, agility and sensitivity, through awakening the body, and working with the way you perceive your body.

The bowspring practice will move you from a fragile, sore and over tense state, to a more cat/tiger like feeling of strength, slenderness, springiness and youthfulness.

With the bowspring practice, you gain physical strength and balance. Especially your backside chain will get stronger and more balanced. The neck, the back and the glutes, will be strengthened in a healthy way. Your hands and feet will get stronger and healthier.


Bowspring is a practice of play, which is a neurological movement between an increased sympathetic neurological state, and active inhibition via the vagal brake, into relaxation. Safe and interactive play will tone the nervous system, and make you more resilient.



You will practice stillness. To be silent together, to stay still in your own body and mind, to feel, without escaping. Stillness is a practice of intimacy. Are you able to stay intimate with yourself, and intimate with another, without moving away?



In Cirali you will be in extraordinary nature surroundings, that will fill you with awe. The experience of awe challenges your ordinary way of thinking. The experience you have in Cirali will train your ability to feel awe, also in everyday life. The feeling of awe connects with wonder, curiosity, perspective and attuning with others. Awe is a nurturing richness for our souls, that we lack, if our yes and hearts are closed for receiving it. Do not miss the beauty of life.

The retreat is for all levels.



Sunday 13th:

5 pm arrival and welcome.

6.30- 7 pm practice.

7 pm dinner.


From every night after 21 p.m. to every next day after the morning practice, there will be noble silence.



8 am -9.15 am bowspring practice.

9.30 am brunch

4 pm -5.30 pm bowspring practice

6 pm dinner.




8 am -9.15 am bowspring practice.


9.30 am brunch


4 pm – 5.30 pm bowspring practice

6 pm dinner.



7 am – 11 am Silent walk to Maden Bay. We walk the path of the Lycian way, to a little beautiful bay. Here we will have brunch in silence, swim, sunbath and relax.


4 pm -5.30 pm Restorative practice.




8 -9.15 am bowspring practice.


9.30 am brunch


4- 5.30 pm bowspring practice


6 pm dinner


After dinner, we will be picked up by a tractor wagon, which will take us to the Chimeras, the mountain with natural occurred fire.



8-9.15 am bowspring practice.


9.30am brunch


4-5.30 pm bowspring practice


6 pm dinner.




8 - 9.15 am bowspring practice.


The rest of the day is free.


Price: 900€ or 6500DDK


The payment includes:


Accommodation in shared bungalow, doubled or twin beds. Private bathroom and terrace. You will have towels and beach towels. The bungalows will be cleaned regularly during our stay.


Brunch and dinner every day, from Sunday to Saturday morning.


11 bowspring classes.


Silent walk in the Lycian way from Cirali to Maden Bay.


“Tractor” trip to Chimeras, the mountain with eternal fire.


Transfer from Antalya airport, if you arrive on the suggested time.


Otherwise, I can still arrange transfer and the price will be 40€


Hemera has yoga mats for us to use.

Signe was the very first certified bowspring teacher. Read more

The retreat will be co-teached by two super sweet and skilled bowspring teachers, Sara Verhelst from Belgium and Anna Rønne Holmes from Denmark.


Thank you!

Signe Budolf retreat
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