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The Warrior, The Philosopher & The Poet

A journey to conscious movement & freedom

with Christy Punnett


Aarhus, Denmark

November 3nd - 5th, 2023


Aarhus workshops, Mejlgade 47 3th floor

Get to know your body patterns playfully and without judgement

Deepen your awareness through Conscious Breathing Techniques

Experience the soft animal body through protection, safety & support

Release the build up of tension & accumulative stress

Establish strength & stability through core movements

Remodel your connective tissue using Artemis Technology, Movement & Breath.

Create an Artemis Movement Map for life & longevity

Challenge your body to escape confinements of belief or ideas

Emerge with confidence and an appreciation of your ability

By all Workshops in one packet, or the  Classes individually :-)

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